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“In Greek mythology the Jason and the Argonauts were known to be the bravest and most adventurous group of men who, sailed around 1400 BC or much earlier (2000 BC) according to some others.

From the name of the ship, Argo, came the name of its crew, the Argonauts. Jason, along with 48 brave men and one brave woman, embarked upon the great mission in the search for Golden Fleece.

The Argonauts traveled together for years reaching lands farther than any Greek had before them, and in the process, experiencing great dangers--from rocks that crashed like symbols to singing sirens, from fierce storms, to an angry dragon. They also met many great figures along the way, including the god Triton.

Jason even finds love with the beautiful but dreadful Medea. But despite the dangers, temptations, and uncertainties of their journey, as true heroes, they continued on their mission.

The golden fleece for which the argonauts of the spirit must search so diligently is truth. which will transform us and free us from enslavement. Even the very search for it will spare us in time of distress.”

Never before or since was so brave a ship's company gathered together.”

by Claudia Herrera Hudson


What makes the difference?

We are a niche recruitment consultancy purely focused on engineering, quality management, health, safety and environmental jobs.

Our aim is to make the recruitment experience as simple as possible: matching our candidates motivations with our clients objectives.



Our Team

We will provide superior permanent and contract staffing solutions to our clients, so they will actively choose to do business with us.

We will manage our candidates’ expectations and communicate to them professionally and confidentially.

And, as we work for 30% of first hundred global companies, you’ll get the chance to work for some prestigious organisations.


How We Work?

We act for a wide range of clients and sectors, including energy, construction, FMCG, logistics etc.

Argonaut Company aims to make the search for a stimulating new opportunity as trouble free as possible. We will act in a way that's appropriate to your specific requirements and agree a strategy for communication and applications.

Highly experienced, senior engineers and HSE-Q consultants are available who can meet with you to discuss aims and objectives, if required.

We specialise in recruitment of engineering, health-safety-environmental, and quality personnel, ranging from graduates and freelance staff to managers.

All the interviewing process is managed by an attained HR specialist who has an interview techniques certificate.



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