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You are probably visiting the most skilled team's web site in terms of Engineering, HSE-Q recruitment and consultancy services.

If you think your skills and experience, deserves a better position, a better income or a better cultural environment, please contact our recruitment team either via phone, mail or skype, to ask for a face to face meeting! We always have positions to be filled in!

Argonaut has top level contacts with global energy, construction, food, transportation, manifacturing industries, etc.

• Argonaut is best known to supply the best candidates fit into the right job. Not only we analyze the suitability of the position to the job seeker’s talents and character, we also search for a perfect platform between the candidate and the company.



• Understanding your skills and compentencies! Argonaut has developed systematic tools to give you a complete feedback by analysing your engineering, HSE-Q skills, competencies, managerial and face to face your communication skills.

A meeting with the argonaut recruitment consultant, will help you to identify your best skills and areas where personal development is needed! We will tell you honestly how we can help you in your job search and give recommendations for a better match.

So, we are here to help you!

Positions in Turkey as well as positions in Foreign Countries;

  • EU Countries,
  • Russia and CIS countries; Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan;
  • North Africa and Middle East Countries.

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